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Grow Subtle

Do not Grow Up. Grow Subtle There is nothing up there. Everything is within us. The inside. The inside experience that is enhanced by what we explore outside. The outside in that allows us toContinue reading

how heavy is your light?

In thought faith In word wisdom In deed courage In life service Light of your being is lightness of your body how heavy is your light?  May you move from darkness to light. Cheers andContinue reading

let every cell breathe

Strength comes from surrender – to the gravity, to the universe, to the divinity that exists within each one of us.  Movement on the physical plane is awareness at the spiritual realm. A stretch inContinue reading

satyam shivam sundaram

man himself is the ultimate mythology, knowing oneself is knowing god let every path you traverse become a path of pilgrimage, every work you engage in become service. there’s no worship in mosque or templeContinue reading

i am THAT

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings, who is the giver of grace to all, the supreme soul of the universe, the limitless being – I am THAT

the unborn & the deathless

You are not what you see, not what you hear, not what you feel, not what you touch….. you are not what you think you are…. you are the infinity within the zero…. you areContinue reading

rural yoga

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