butterflies are free

Effort is Zero

Posture: A posture becomes perfect when the effort of achieving it vanishes

Breathing: You are the perfect union between your breath from outside and the movement from inside

Relaxation: the soul that moves in the world of the senses and yet keep the senses in harmony…. Finds rest in quietness. Tense first and then relax. With practice you will learn to use your subconscious mind to extend this control to involuntary muscle of the heart, the digestive system and other organs too.

Meditation: reach the alpha state of mind. Sense of purpose, strength of will, clarity in mind

Diet: fresh, light and Natural

Right thinking: Yama and Niyama

Yoga is not competition. Yoga is freedom. To live totally in the moment.

Yoga is the journey from the individual to the universal.

Yoga grew out of Stone age shamanisim from Mehrgarh. Research on this !!

Read about S.V.Govindan or Govindji

The body Mind and the Divine

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