when the seer, the seeing and the seen dissolve into one another

Mind games and yet unmindful

Two locals totally immersed in the game of chess unmindful of the buzz and chaos at the busy square of Parque de bolivar, Cartagena, Colombia. Mind games and yet unmindful about everything around. Moment capturedContinue reading

Innocence in the Incan

This kid captivated my attention with his wonder and amazement at everything he sees. Life is pure and pristine. This moment captured at quishuarani, Peru at 3700 meters as part of my  lares trek toContinue reading

the souvenir seller

Playful at Playa Blanca. A local souvenir and hat seller in Playa blanca. Taking a pause in life to listen to the sound of the waves and the colors of the Caribbean. Life’s beauty andContinue reading

the smile of infinity

A local Caribbean colombian woman selling traditional home-made sweets and delicacies at Portal de Los Ducles near the clock tower in the walled city of cartagena de indies, colombia. Her smile is infectious and herContinue reading