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what you seek is seeking you

Serenity Prayer

God, give me grace to accept with serenitythe things that cannot be changed,Courage to change the thingswhich should be changed,and the Wisdom to distinguishthe one from the other. Living one day at a time,Enjoying oneContinue reading

The Indian Way

Consult Everyone, Focus on Positives, Minimize Differences, Build consensus

What is the truth?

It is in the now and here. Observed as ”it is“ and not projected upon from our past memories or/and our future anxieties.

Cells, Molecules and Atoms

Cells are made up of complex molecules, which are in turn made up of atoms. Scientists estimate that an average human cell has 100 trillion atoms. Atoms, in turn are made of sub-atomic particles. ThoseContinue reading

red moon during night time

Circulatory System

Oxygen-rich Blood is pumped by the heart to various organs of the body through Arteries and Oxygen-poor blood is circulated back to heart through Veins. Both Arteries and Veins are connected through Capillaries where theContinue reading

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Observe to Conserve

Oxygen Consumption is the measure of Spiritual Progress Click here for more Another article here Another interesting article here Reactive oxygen species ( ROS) – free radicals affect our healthspan. Article here Aging and calorieContinue reading

Quantum Computing

It is like Coin spinning and the possibilities are infinite between 0, 1 or partially 0 and partially 1. We are moving from a world of either-or to both-and Difference between Classical Computing and QuantumContinue reading

Topics to explore

Thinkthank organizations responsible for creating global narratives Romani People – Ian Hancock Graham Hancock Hindustan Kalari Sangam Dr. Mahalingam R.C.Mazumdar James Steward – Anatomy of a murder Spencer Tracy – Inherit the wind Noam ChomskyContinue reading


Shiva and Shakti are the two principles of the universe Three Schools Books to read: