The golden mean

Wordly and Saintly Luxury and Self-denial Sense indulgence and Self Mortification Spiritual and Material Excess and Deficiency Look beyond the absolutes Live beyond the opposites Life is One and Oneness Life is this and thatContinue reading

You are

You are the Smile in my eyes, the Glow on my face You are the Magic of my mind, the Fire in my heart, You are the Breath of my being, the Song of myContinue reading

Die empty

*Die empty* One of the most beautiful article that I have read in the book called “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. The author was inspired and got this idea of writing this book while attendingContinue reading

The world is my family

I always believed that each one of us is a world unto oneself. There is no world outside of us. All the people you see around you are part of the world you create andContinue reading

On love

Some of you make love, physically.  Some of you are in love romantically. Some of you are love, consciously. A person who is love consciously is love in relation to everything they meet. In romanticContinue reading

On Death

20th August 2018 This poem ” We are seven” by William Wordsworth is a simple and beautiful musing on death as felt by a “Simple Child” with “Life in every limb.” My inspiration for theContinue reading

Grow Subtle

Do not Grow Up. Grow Subtle There is nothing up there. Everything is within us. The inside. The inside experience that is enhanced by what we explore outside. The outside in that allows us toContinue reading


What you write is writing you. It is not what you do. It is what the doing does to you.