let every cell breathe

Strength comes from surrender – to the gravity, to the universe, to the divinity that exists within each one of us. 
Movement on the physical plane is awareness at the spiritual realm. A stretch in the material world is expansion in the immaterial. 
Your body, mind, heart, breath, spirit – they all constitute YOU. Do not isolate them, rather integrate them as a whole. 
physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, digitally…. they are all one and the same. Do not try to align body, mind and spirit. They are already aligned to your source. One can live on all levels and in all realms at the same time. Everything is contained in the same breath. Lack of this awareness has what lead to a separate study of physics, metaphysics and spirituality. 
Happy hevalambi nama samvatsara subhakankshalu. Happy new year. Happy Ugadi, Yugadi. 
May you taste everything life has to offer. Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter – well, they may all taste different on the tongue but they are all same too. Hahahhahaha….

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