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I have faith in the eternal law

Not the law of Men. The law of Nature. Who knows the law of Nature? Whoever lives closer to Nature. Who inner Nature is a reflection of the outer Nature. Who displays the same qualitiesContinue reading

15 AI tools to try

ChatGPT – Text to Answers Dall-E 2 – Texts to Images Stable Diffusion 2 – Text to Image. Open source Lumen5 – Video creation Soundraw – Music Generator Looka – Logos Podcastle- Audio recording andContinue reading

Fly like a bird

Technology improves in terms of efficiency and performance, but it should not remove human emotions and feelings.

Favourite Airlines

Item Singapore Airlines Emirates Connections Limited More Flight Types 3-3-3. Better organized with more leg-space. 3-4-3. Flying A340 double-decker is an experience. Entertainment Like the touch experience More variety Food Good with many options GoodContinue reading

2023 Books I read

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My first book review

The Freedom Manifesto: 7 Rules To Live the Life of Your Calling by Karan Bajaj My rating: 5 of 5 stars A Practical how-to guide for designing a life of FREEDOM, based on an authenticContinue reading