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Be the best version of yourself


My word of the day. It means Hand-holding. Beautiful Samskrta. Inspired by the book “Karavalambanam” by Dr. V. Srinidhi ( published in IIMB’s LSQUARE newsletter )

The highest knowledge is Empathy

Check out the speech here by Davi Foster Wallace. This re-emphasises the need for deep human connection through empathy as the REAL Knowledge.

Connecting and Collecting

Knowledge: Collecting the dots Conscious Experience: Connecting the dots There is nothing one can do and nowhere one can reach without consciousness.

The vagus nerve

The parasympathetic Nervous System – Rest and Digest The sympathetic Nervous system – Fight or Flight or Freeze Two ways to activate parasympathetic nervous system controlled by the Vagus nerve – Physical Movement ( RegularContinue reading

G.O.A.L.S Framework to achieve goals

Growth – With a future-focuses and growth mindset what changes you would like to see in your personal and/or professional life because of the goal you have set. Opportunity – Objectively explore the milestones andContinue reading

Altitude, Attitude, Aptitude

As always, we work with people with a combination of three essential traits: Altitude of later-stage self meaning-making Attitude of a post-scarcity, resourceful mind and heart Aptitude of mastery-level career/domain skills If you have reachedContinue reading

Designed by Life

12 Categories Live consciously. ( PVPS ) 1. What do I believe? Your belief system is the roadblock. ( Question assumptions ). Worry and Doubt do not help at all. It is only mental butContinue reading