Sindhu the river. Sindhu the power. Sindhu the phenomenon

Sindhu, the river that has always been a source of wonder and civilization is now a source of inspiration. To every individual who dreams. To every one of those who seek to push their boundaries and lose themselves in their quest. To everyone who believes in the wonder and magic of life. 

May there be many more such stories. Stories that bring hope to humankind and move us out of our comforts. Stories that lead us into newer realms and possibilities. Stories that defy the odds of human logic and ratify the evens of human magic. 

Cheers to many more.

Sindhu the river. Sindhu the fever. 

5 thoughts on “Sindhu the river. Sindhu the power. Sindhu the phenomenon

  1. *Sakshi* – Coach Kuldeep
    *Deepa* – Coach
    *Sindhu*- Coach Gopichand
    Now it’s time for Indian men to say .’*Behind every successful woman , there’s a man*’ 😜

    1. Like that. Yes we rather need a revolution than an evolution. A thought revolution. In the way we live and build our future. On foundations of hope and love. A civilization that aims for self-realization. Thanks for your comments Pramod.

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