Sakshi the everygirl

Sakshi is a witness to the courage of every Indian woman. The woman who had always been confined to the narrow walls, out of public view and unable to find herself. The woman who had no voice and choice to live freely and fearlessly. 

Sakshi, the sanskrit term which means ” Pure awareness” that is a witness to everything around and yet detached from the outcome of your interaction with it. Sakshi is beyond time, space and dimension. Sakshi is beyond the experiencer, the experiencing and the experienced. 

Sakshi Malik is the everygirl. Sakshi comes to the rescue of every woman hidding behind the veils of darkness and patriarchy. Sakshi is the the light that shines bright in every household witnessing woman’s rise to claim their space and stage. Sakshi is a witness to every woman’s spirit of rebellion – upcoming and unfolding. 

Sakshi is the source of creation. Sakshi the wondergirl. 

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