You are what you are seeking

Well, how is it possible to seek yourself? And why do you even need to seek what you seek? This quote while being profound in its own way might also confuse many who really are seeking something unlike those who quote it just to sound profound. So, let me explain what it means.

First of all, why do you need to seek anything other than food to eat and water to drink? Why do you need to seek at all? Why? The answer is: You have been shown a life that is larger than life. There you go, another line that is seemingly profund but means nothing. You have been lied to. You have gotten carried away by the grand illusions of authors and artists and movie directors. You have always been told to become someone or be like someone. To achieve something. To be successful. And then what? What happens when you reach a point you always wanted to reach? What happens when you get what you seek? You life suddenly becomes empty. There is vacuum inside and outside. And vacuum is bad, you have been told. You have to be after something always. Else it is not life. You got to seek.

Got to seek what? You can’t go on all your life seeking something. You will get tired of this process sometime or the other. Moreover, whatever you seek has to be better than the one you already sought. Isn’t it so? Else, what is the point? But does life always offer goals that are better than the previous one? If so, what is your highest goal and how do you seek it before you leave this world. And how do you reach there before everyone else?  And is the highest goal the same for everyone or is it different ? It must be different else there will be too much traffic and it will be difficult to navigate through it.

So what is this mad rush of seeking all about? Is there anything that is worth seeking? Is there anything seeking which you need not seek anymore?  Yes there is. Seek nothing.Yes, seek nothing. 

How do you seek nothing? There must be something. No, there isn’t. Get used to this. There is nothing out there that is worth seeking. There is nothing out there seeking which you need not seek anymore. But how do I justify my living out here? How do I make my presence felt? What is my purpose of life?

Well, your being born justifies your living here. Your being born makes your presence felt. You are the purpose of life. You are the medium through which life expresses itself. You are life breathing every moment. Right here. Right now. Life is not something you got to live. Life is you. Life is not separate from you. And do not go seeking for life because life already sought you when you took your first breath. Life already sought you when you uttered the first syllable. Life already sought you when you took your first baby steps.

So stop seeking. For life chose you to seek itself. You are not what you are seeking. You are what life is seeking.  But what is life upto? What is life seeking? Well, that is not for you to answer. That is for life to know. That is for life to express and reveal itself through you. So what is life? Rather who is life? Hahah…… Good question. Now go seek.

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