Shad Darshanas

The six Dharsanas/systems of Indian thought:

  1. Samkhya
  2. Yoga
  3. Nyaya
  4. Vaiseshika
  5. Mimamsa
  6. Vedanta
1NyayaGautama MuniA school of logic and epistemology that states that nothing is acceptable unless it is in accordance with reason and experience.
2VaisheshikaKanadaA school of metaphysics and atomism that states that all objects in the physical universe are reducible to a finite number of atoms and Brahman is the fundamental force causing consciousness in these atoms.
3SamkhyaKapilaA school of dualism and realism that states that everything in reality stems from purusha (self, soul or mind) and prakriti (matter, creative agency, energy).
4YogaPatanjaliA school of discipline and practice that states that the union of purusha and prakriti can be achieved by controlling body, mind and sense organs through various techniques such as meditation, breathing, posture, etc.
5MimamsaJaiminiA school of exegesis and ritualism that states that the Vedas are the source of valid knowledge and action, and that performing sacrifices and rituals according to the Vedas leads to liberation.
6VedantaVyasaA school of monism and idealism that states that the world is unreal and the only reality is Brahman, which is identical to one’s true self or atman.

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