Prompt Engineering

Level 1: T-A-G ( Learning about a new topic )

  • Task – Define the task. e.g. Write an essay on “Tips for Prompt Engineering”
  • Activity – Guide how to get there e.g. Use Web Search plugin to search the latest technical journals for up-to-date ideas
  • Goal – Explain how to present the results e.g. Present the ideas in a list format.

Level 2: R-O-C-T ( Planning about a known topic )

  • Role – Specify the role e.g Your role is to be my content creator
  • Objective – Explain your objective e.g. I want to generate content for my course
  • Context – Bring them upto date e.g. Yoga
  • Task – What do they have to do? e.g. Generate a 12-week course

Your role is to be my content creator. Create a 12-week course on Yoga.

Level 3: C-T-R-E ( Refining an existing topic )

  • Context – Bring AI on board e.g. I am about to Launch my new online course
  • Task – Explain what you want e.g. I want you to create a social media campaign draft
  • Result – What do you expect to see e.g. Generate content ideas for instagram and LinkedIn, assuming a 3-week launch period
  • Example – Set them up for access, show AI what you expect to see. e.g. My previous successful campaign looked like this.

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