Chausath Kalas

The 64 arts or kalas are the skills or techniques that one must learn as part of Indian culture. They are believed to be mastered by Lord Krishna, who learned them from his guru Sandipani in 64 days. They are also mentioned in various Hindu scriptures, such as the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Vishnu Purana.

  1. Geet vidya: art of singing.
  2. Vadya vidya: art of playing on musical instruments.
  3. Nritya vidya: art of dancing.
  4. Natya vidya: art of theatricals.
  5. Alekhya vidya: art of painting.
  6. Viseshakacchedya vidya: art of painting the face and body with color
  7. Tandula-kusuma-bali-vikara: art of preparing offerings from rice and flowers.
  8. Pushpastarana: art of making a covering of flowers for a bed.
  9. Dasana-vasananga-raga: art of applying preparations for cleansing the teeth, cloths and painting the body.
  10. Mani-bhumika-karma: art of making the groundwork of jewels.
  11. Aayya-racana: art of covering the bed.
  12. Udaka-vadya: art of playing on music in water.
  13. Udaka-ghata: art of splashing with water.
  14. Citra-yoga: art of practically applying an admixture of colors.
  15. Malya-grathana-vikalpa: art of designing a preparation of wreaths.
  16. Sekharapida-yojana: art of practically setting the coronet on the head.
  17. Nepathya-yoga: art of practically dressing in the tiring room.
  18. Karnapatra-bhanga: art of decorating the tragus of the ear.
  19. Sugandha-yukti: art of practical application of aromatics.
  20. Bhushana-yojana: art of applying or setting ornaments.
  21. Aindra-jala: art of juggling.
  22. Kaucumara: a kind of art.
  23. Hasta-laghava: art of sleight of hand.
  24. Citra-sakapupa-bhakshya-vikara-kriya: art of preparing varieties of delicious food.
  25. Panaka-rasa-ragasava-yojana: art of practically preparing palatable drinks and tinging draughts with red color.
  26. Suci-vaya-karma: art of needleworks and weaving.
  27. Sutra-krida: art of playing with thread.
  28. Vina-damuraka-vadya: art of playing on lute and small drum.
  29. Prahelika: art of making and solving riddles.
  30. Durvacaka-yoga: art of practicing language difficult to be answered by others.
  31. Pustaka-vacana: art of reciting books.
  32. Natikakhyayika-darsana: art of enacting short plays and anecdotes.
  33. Kavya-samasya-purana: art of solving enigmatic verses.
  34. Pattika-vetra-bana-vikalpa: art of designing preparation of shield, cane and arrows.
  35. Tarku-karma: art of spinning by spindle.
  36. Takshana: art of carpentry.
  37. Vastu-vidya: art of engineering.
  38. Raupya-ratna-pariksha: art of testing silver and jewels.
  39. Dhatu-vada: art of metallurgy.
  40. Mani-raga jnana: art of tinging jewels.
  41. Akara jnana: art of mineralogy.
  42. Vrikshayur-veda-yoga: art of practicing medicine or medical treatment, by herbs.
  43. Mesha-kukkuta-lavaka-yuddha-vidhi: art of knowing the mode of fighting of lambs, cocks and birds.
  44. Suka-sarika-pralapana: art of maintaining or knowing conversation between male and female cockatoos.
  45. Utsadana: art of healing or cleaning a person with perfumes.
  46. Kesa-marjana-kausala: art of combing hair.
  47. Akshara-mushtika-kathana: art of talking with fingers.
  48. Dharana-matrika: art of the use of amulets.
  49. Desa-bhasha-jnana: art of knowing provincial dialects.
  50. Nirmiti-jnana: art of knowing prediction by heavenly voice.
  51. Yantra-matrika: art of mechanics.
  52. Mlecchita-kutarka-vikalpa: art of fabricating barbarous or foreign sophistry.
  53. Samvacya: art of conversation.
  54. Manasi kavya-kriya: art of composing verse
  55. Kriya-vikalpa: art of designing a literary work or a medical remedy.
  56. Chalitaka-yoga: art of practicing as a builder of shrines called after him.
  57. Abhidhana-kosha-cchando-jnana: art of the use of lexicography and meters.
  58. Vastra-gopana: art of concealment of cloths.
  59. Dyuta-visesha: art of knowing specific gambling.
  60. Akarsha-krida: art of playing with dice or magnet.
  61. Balaka-kridanaka: art of using children’s toys.
  62. Vainayiki vidya: art of enforcing discipline.
  63. Vaijayiki vidya: art of gaining victory.
  64. Vaitaliki vidya: art of awakening master with music at dawn.

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