Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi calling



Forming in the pupil of the eye. Getting ready to shoot the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016


Traditional Ballad Singing with Hanna Tuulikki


Dutch Pavilion, Pepper House


Hanna’s Liquidbody movement depicting the river’s journey


Matancherry Boat Jetty at the Jew Town in Fort Kochi. The best and the cheapest way to reach Ernakulam.


Jew Town is full of antiques. The star of David shines all over the place


The crab elegantly savoring his green lunch. Captured from Ginger house museum restaurant, Jew Street in Fort Kochi while savoring the house favourite ginger ice cream.


Pepper is money and seduced the Europeans to come all the way to the shores of Fort Kochi. The exchange continues.


Hair has no caste. Hair knows no religion. Hair is universal. Hair falls and grows once again. Hairy tales in fort kochi.


Hair under the Chair!!


A passionate musician inside the Antique jew museum


The lock depicting all religions – Trishul for Hinduism, Crescent moon for Islam and a cross for Christianity. Does religion open the doors or has it locked our minds up?


Letters and numbers. How we have simplified or rather reduced our experience of the worlds!


Kochi, the natural harbour. So many lives contained inside the containers…


The highest and the most respected exponent of Kathakali, Padmashree Kalamandalam Gopi. Much respect!



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