1. Shailaputri – Daughter of the mountains – Purity and devotion
  2. Brahmacharini – One who practices devout austerity – Happiness and grace
  3. Chandraghanta – One with a half-moon shaped bell on her forehead – Peace, tranquility, and prosperity
  4. Kushmanda – Creator of the universe – Light and warmth
  5. Skandamata – Mother of Skanda or Kartikeya – Nourishment and love
  6. Katyayani – Daughter of sage Katyayan – Courage and victory
  7. Kalaratri – Dark night of destruction – Power and protection
  8. Mahagauri – Radiant white goddess – Beauty and compassion
  9. Siddhidatri – Giver of supernatural powers – Wisdom and fulfillment
Shailaputri Daughter of the mountainsPurity and devotion
BrahmachariniOne who practices devout austerityHappiness and grace
ChandraghantaOne with a half-moon shaped bell on her foreheadPeace, tranquility, and prosperity
KushmandaCreator of the universeLight and warmth
SkandamataMother of Skanda or KartikeyaNourishment and love
KatyayaniDaughter of sage KatyayanCourage and victory
KalaratriDark night of destructionPower and protection
MahagauriRadiant white goddessBeauty and compassion
SiddhidatriGiver of supernatural powersWisdom and fulfillment

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