Daksha was a son of Brahma and had two wives: Prasuti and Asikni. He had many daughters from both of them, who became the mothers of various creatures and deities. ¹²

Prasuti bore Daksha 24 daughters, who married different deities. ¹³ They are:

  • Sraddha, married to Dharma
  • Lakshmi, married to Dharma
  • Dhriti, married to Dharma
  • Tushti, married to Dharma
  • Pushti, married to Dharma
  • Medha, married to Dharma
  • Kriya, married to Dharma
  • Buddhi, married to Dharma
  • Lajja, married to Dharma
  • Vapus, married to Dharma
  • Shanti, married to Dharma
  • Siddhi, married to Dharma
  • Kirti, married to Dharma
  • Khyati, married to Bhrigu
  • Sambhuti, married to Marichi
  • Smriti, married to Angiras
  • Priti, married to Pulastya
  • Kshama, married to Pulaha
  • Sannati, married to Kratu
  • Anasuya, married to Atri
  • Urjja, married to Vashishtha
  • Svaha, married to Agni
  • Svadha, married to Pitrs (ancestors)
  • Sati, married to Shiva

Asikni bore Daksha 60 daughters, who also married different deities and sages. ¹⁴ They are:

  • Maruvati, Vasu, Jami, Lamba, Bhanu, Urjja, Sankalpa, Muhurta, Sadhya and Vishva; all married to Dharma
  • Aditi, Diti, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha (also known as Kalaka), Ira (also known as Saranya), Kadru (also known as Surabhi), Vishva and Muni; all married to Kashyapa
  • Ashvini (also known as Asvayuja), Bharani (also known as Yama), Krittika (also known as Agni), Rohini (also known as Prajapati), Mrigashira (also known as Soma), Ardra (also known as Rudra), Punarvasu (also known as Aditi), Pushya (also known as Brihaspati), Ashlesha (also known as Sarpa), Magha (also known as Pitrs), Purva Phalguni (also known as Aryaman), Uttara Phalguni (also known as Bhaga), Hasta (also known as Savitr), Chitra (also known as Tvashtr), Swati (also known as Vayu), Vishakha (also known as Indragni), Anuradha (also known as Mitra), Jyeshtha (also known as Indra), Mula (also known as Nirriti), Purva Ashadha (also known as Apah), Uttara Ashadha (also known as Vishvadevas), Shravana (also known as Vishnu), Dhanishta (also known as Vasu), Shatabhisha (also known as Varuna), Purva Bhadrapada (also known as Ajaikapada) and Uttara Bhadrapada (also known as Ahirbudhnya); all 27 daughters became the nakshatras or lunar mansions and were married to Chandra or the Moon god.
  • Shobhavati, Shubhaga and Varangi; all three were married to Arishtanemi or Shesha.
  • Prabha and Varuni; both were married to the sons of Bhrigu.
  • Ghrini and Dhishana; both were married to Angiras.
  • Manorama and Vasudhara; both were married to Krishasva.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 21/10/2023
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