Love Relationships

Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.


To make love is the only Law

Anatole France

To love is to receive a glimpse of Heaven

Karen Sunde

And Now these three remain; Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is LOVE

Corinthians 13:13

What is Love?

Love is Where you come from, Who you are, What you become and What you are here for.

What are three Different Types of Love Relationships?

  1. Romantic Love Relationship
  2. Parent-Child Relationship
  3. Friends & Family Relationship

What is my belief system about a Love relationship?

  • If you are doing good here, you are doing good everywhere else.
  • Extraordinary love relationships require extraordinary people with extraordinary commitments
  • Love requires consistent communication – Physical touch, intellectual sharing, emotional care and Spiritual quests and common goals
  • Love requires trust – to be able to depend on one another while independently seeking growth

Choosing to be in a love relationship is my journey from experiencing the temporary joys of independence to the permanent bliss of interdependence. I am able to do more with less when you are with someone who also understands the benefits.

Separately we are strong but together we are unstoppable

What is my vision for an extraordinary love relationship?

  • Admiration and Respect for each other with Openness and Vulnerability
  • Disagree with Dignity. Never turn your back on your partner or Shout at each other
  • Happiness in my relationship is in togetherness and in coming together
  • We put each other first before anyone or anything else
  • We are committed to exploring life together – Learning, Growing and having fun as individuals and together
Shadows of Love

Why do we need a good love relationship?

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together

African Proverb

Everyone carries a world within, to be explored. Everyone is constantly learning, growing and evolving.

  • A good love relationship allows you an opportunity to expand your own world through opening up to and embracing another world around you.
  • A good love relationship allows you to navigate through life’s uncertainties individually and together while seeking inspiration from each other.
  • A good love relationship allows to experience life with and through each other.
  • A good love relationship allows to compliment and deepen each others’ life experience. The more different you are, the broader the worldview as a couple

Your partner is your resource for growth and expansion. Tap into the masculine and feminine aspects in the other till there are no others. You become one with everyone and everything.

What is my strategy for a amazing love relationship?

  • Really Pay attention to your partner and Listen actively
  • Be open and vulnerable and express your desires clearly
  • Express appreciation and admiration constantly. What I give is what I will get back.
  • Handle disagreements with Dignity. Create a common vision together
  • Demonstrate actions of love in sync with the love language of your partner
  • Keep your love life exciting. Sex-up your bedroom. Set up your environment for sensuality – Light up Candles, Tune into sexy Music, Add aroma and scents, massage each other, dress up for each other
  • Commit to spending sacred time together by creating connection rituals as below:
    • Talk and Walk everyday. Communication is key.
    • Dinner/Movie Date every weekend
    • Travel together national every quarter
    • Travel international every year
    • Reflect and review on common Life goals every new year

Do you create a context in which you partner can feel free to share feelings, thoughts, fantasies, hurts and complaints without the fear that condemn, attack, lecture or simply withdraw?

Dr. Nathaniel Branden

My Musings on LOVE

Love Conquers All

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