What is the person you need to become to create the life you want?

Character is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own life. It is the source from which self-respect springs

Joan Didion

A person can grow, in the true sense, only if he assumes responsibility for himself.

Karen Horney

What is your character?

Character is the sum total of your personality traits. It is your inner nature – your behaviours, your judgements, your thoughts, your intuition, your tastes and your tendencies.

It is your identity that is shaped and formed by you based on how you have lived so far and how you want to live henceforth.

Character is something that is engraved or imprinted onto your soul.

We are both the sculptor and the sculpted !!

What is my belief system about character?

  • I need a Great Character in order to have a great Life
  • Character is built over time and I am willing to work in order to build it
  • I can consciously choose the character traits I want to develop in life
  • True Character comes out when the going gets tough

What is my vision about building character?

Most character traits are not built consciously. They are absorbed from our environments, parents, teachers, friends etc.

The truth is – We are all in control of every choice we make and every action we take.

Your life is YOURS. You own it.

Here are some virtues to turn into your daily habits:

  • Compassion – For yourself and all the living beings around on this planet and beyond
  • Gratitude – For every moment that I get to experience in this life
  • Forgiveness – To err is human, to forgive is also human
  • Temperance – Explore your extremes and find your balance
  • Silence – Don’t talk unless it benefits yourself or others
  • Order – Let everything have it’s place, let every part of your business have its time
  • Reliability – Say what you do. Do what you say.
  • Courage – Follow you heart and take action to acheive
  • Tranquillity – Don’t get upset over things you can’t control
  • Kindness – Say what you mean but do not be mean when you say it
  • Self-mastery – the big daddy of all

Good Character happens when I turn virtues into habits

Why do we need to have good character?

  • Good Character make our lives so much more simpler and enjoyable. For example, living with honesty and integrity is so much more simpler than otherwise
  • Good Character makes it easier to manage/channelise your energies. Makes us productive.
  • Good Character helps me excel in the following categories – Health & Well being, Relationships, Finances, Career

What is my strategy for building good character?

Self-Mastery on all categories of life – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual – every day through habits as follows:

  • Sleep – 8 hours
  • Meditate – 30 minutes
  • Mindful eating – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – 90 minutes
  • Workout – 30 minutes
  • Sketching – 15 minutes
  • Learning a new skill – 2 hours
  • Meaningful work – 2 hours
  • Listening to podcasts – 1 hour
  • Journaling – 30 minutes ( 15 minutes morning, 15 minutes before sleep )
  • Reading 30 minutes of Spiritual texts
  • Connecting with partner
  • Catching up with friends/Colleagues
  • Reflect on your life vision everyday

Good Character happens when I turn my virtues into habits


A Man’s character is his fate


You cannot dream yourself into a character, you must hammer and forger yourself one

Henry David Thoreau

Talents are best nurtured in Solitude but Character is best formed in the stormy billow of the world


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