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The rhetoric grounded in philosophy and the pursuit of enlightenment

Logic, Dialectic, Rhetoric

Logic is to achieve scientific certainty

Dialectic and Rhetoric is baaed on probability and therefore more suited for human affairs

Dialectic is a tool for philosophical debate: a means for skilled audience to test probable knowledge to learn

Rhetoric is a tool for practical debate; a means to use probable knowledge to resolve practical issues

One interesting article on Speeches is Here.

I agree with the golden Law#1 on likeability and I believe that determines everything else. More important is the basis of likeability. If you are liked for you ability to express yourself as you are and not necessarily agreeable, then you have reached the pinnacle of likeability.

The Golden Law#2 on agreeability is not necessarily required in all cases and instead, it can be replaced with Humour to communicate contentious issues. In general, Law#1 in it’s true spirit of likeability is enough.

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