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The Freedom Manifesto: 7 Rules To Live the Life of Your Calling by Karan Bajaj

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A Practical how-to guide for designing a life of FREEDOM, based on an authentic LIVED Experience of a SEEKER.

As a fellow seeker, this book took me on a beautiful journey into my own self.

The book is about taking ownership and finding freedom.
It is presented in to two parts:
Part 1 has seven rules/habits for life that the author has found useful which served as his foundations all the way.
Part 2 is about step-by-step and stage-by-stage instruction on how to start-up a life of creation, ownership, impact and freedom.

My most inspiring lines are here:

“The bigger and more selfless the objective, the bigger will be the conflict, and hence the bigger the story. Whether they win or lose is almost secondary to their transformation. We admire these characters because of the audacity of their goals, and we’re inspired by their stories because they face the life-or-death conflicts inherent in pursuing big goals with relentless determination.
Just like life.”

Here are my insights I connected with from Rules in Part 1:

1. JUST SHOW UP DAILY. The output is not my control but the input is. All I owed life was the gift of 100 percent energy to my input daily.
2. 120 days of Learning Framework -90 days of sravana, 15 days of manana ( outline and wireframe ), 15 days of Nididhyasana ( Exectution mode ). Then go 10X.
3. Your time, capability, or resources don’t need to expand to succeed. Only your goals do.
4. People around the world are more similar than different.
5. The larger the goal, the higher and deeper the self-transformation.
6. Mindset: Money as a tool for spiritual growth rather than material acquisition.
7. 1,1,1 routine – 1 Hour of Exercise ( Routine and variety ) , 1 hour of meditation ( 30 min. after wakeup, 30 before sleep), 1 hour of reading/reflection ( 80% Power, 20% Perennial )

Here are my insights I connected with the execution as an owner ( start-up journey ) in Part 2:

1. Learning agility is the single-best predictor of career success, not grades or college pedigrees – Korn Ferry
2. Make Growth a Need
3. 0 – 6 months – Idea Validation, 6 to 12 – 10X Product, 12 to 18 – System & Load testing, 18 to 24 – Scaling
4. Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific asks, and so does talent!
5. People are driven by 1. Creation and the challenge involved to solve a life problem 2. Scale and usefulness/impact of their creation. 3. Beauty
6. Magnitude and Depth of a Business IDEA.
7. The best talent is brutally self-aware.
8. As a leader, you can delegate but not abdicate responsibility.
9. What VCs look out for ( What makes any IDEA click? ): 1. A ‘Big and Obvious’ vision for tomorrow. and 2. A strong business today.
10 It is better to be alone than to be with those who will hinder your progress – Buddha
11. The three metrics to define the performance of a start-up: 50 percent NPS – World-class product, 50 percent revenue from referrals – Users love the product, 50 percent renewal rates – users want more
12. The deepest human yearning is that of surviving, thriving, growing and finding meaning.
13. The rule of three – 1.Measure every metric that matters daily 2.Have an owner for each metric 3.Review every metric daily in a management meeting.
14. Speed is your lifeblood. Simplify to scale.
15. RULE OF SEVEN: A message must be communicated seven times before someone hears it once, according to an old maxim
16. The founder’s energy drives the energy of the organization.

One more time, I must emphasize that the details shared are coming from a LIVED experience of a seeker and one would deeply connect with the author’s vulnerability and authenticity.

Grab a copy and experience it yourself.

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