The world is my family

I always believed that each one of us is a world unto oneself. There is no world outside of us. All the people you see around you are part of the world you create and not separate from you. 
When two people meet, two worlds come together. Two ideas. Two paths. Two viewpoints. And then what happens when two worlds start to interact and intersect? The worlds grow. The worlds expand. And then what happens when you meet many worlds? Your world grows so big that it can accommodate any world you come across. Anyone you come across. And then everyone is your world till the whole world is you. 
Explore the world outside you to experience the one inside. Experience the one inside to explore the world outside. The outside and the inside are the same. It is you who views these as separate. It is you who see the outside as different from the inside. So live till the outside and inside merge and there are no more sides and boundaries. So live till you dissolve into your own world. Live till the past, present and the future come together as a whole. Live till you do not exist. 

Non-existence proclaims. 

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