my obituary

die before you die

Themes of my life:

Ying-Yang, Shiva-Shakti, Ida-Pingala – Aristotle’s Golden Mean, Buddha’s Middle Path – The complementarity of opposites

The third Paradise: Harmony of Nature and Culture

Vairagya – Connected to everything and not attached to anything. Own everything but no let anything own you.

The individual self ( Personal God ) expands in its journey to merge into the universal self ( Transcendent God ). The journey continues till you cease to see any separation between you and others. You are everything, anything and Nothing. You are liberated. You experience the infinite within the finite. The freedom within the bondage.

The quest is to strike a balance in life. Exploring the extremes. Discovering the inherent contradictions in life. Rejoicing in the paradoxes. stillness in motion. Planned spontaneity. Creating space for serendipity. Appreciating randomness in the patterns and vice versa. Orderly chaos. Outside-in and Inside-out.

The polarities of life. The wholeness of opposites. The sameness of opposites. The centering of extremities. The centers and the circumferences.

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