Not this, not that

Aham bhojanam naiva bhojyam na bhoktha
Chidananda rupah Shivoham Shivoham

I am neither the act of enjoyment nor an object to be enjoyed or even the enjoyer
I am the form of pure consciousness and bliss; I am Shiva, the auspiciousness itself

– Adi Shankaracharya ( Nirvana Shatakam )

We are:

  1. Self ( Absolute and Pure )
  2. Antahkarana ( Mind as a reflection of Self but does not contain it. Like Blue Color attributed to Sky but not Sky)
  3. Body/Matter/Senses

Every interaction of Antahkarana and Objects is through the senses of the body and the Modes of Knowledge by Antahkarana. This leads to Present Perception and when fused with Past Perception ( memory ) this leads to Recognition.

Cause and Effect as a law is not a relation but only a transformation of Name, Form and Shape. So, Cause is the Effect.

The self is above and beyond this. It is the causeless Cause.


नेति नेति

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