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DharmaChakra Mudra as used by Buddha during his first Sermon at Sarnath to his five disciples.

Your karma ( Soul’s journey ) determines what you choose as your dharma ( Life purpose )

Live your dharma is an oft used phrase. But what is your dharma and How do you find it?

This depends on the age and stage of life when you are asking this question. Here are some methods:

  • What you love to do and what you are good at ( Interest-Skill Match ) – your perspective
    meditate and reflect upon the areas of life you have been good at so far – for example, the things/activities/people that appeal to you and then understand if you have sufficient skills to contribute in that area.
    meditation works when your are at an alpha state of your brain. This is when you are calmer and more open to suggestions. How to reach alpha state, click here
  • What others say about what you are good at ( gathering feedback from outside ) – other’s perspective
    – be careful in choosing whom you ask. Your wellwishers and those whom you think has seen most of your journey may fit here. But not everyone is self-realized to think outside of themselves in knowing about you and your strengths.
  • Assess yourself via psychometric tests. Here are some tools ( courtesy: mindvalley )

While you can choose your dharma, it depends a lot on your karma as well.

Your karma ( Soul’s journey ) determines what you choose as your dharma ( Life purpose )

What is karma? what is your soul’ journey? What is the ultimate goal of a soul?

Three types of karma

  • Sanchita – Past actions
  • Prarabda – Present actions
  • Agami – Future actions

The trick is that our present actions is a results of our past actions and our present actions result in our future actions. So can we even change it? The answer is YES. If you have come so far to read this, then you are ready anyways to change your karma.

This is part of a process called Karma cleansing or purification. Karma is nothing but action. But before action, there is intention.
So, does your intention include you (only ) or YOU in a large sense of the word where your egotistical self becomes larger, eternal SELF. The larger and higher the intention, the better you are equipped to cleanse your karma.

But then, only intention is not sufficient. It must be followed up with real action. But it is a good start to cleanse your karma and hence, follow your dharma.

Every limiting intention of desire,ill-will and harmfulness can be replaced with an expansive intention of renunciation, good will and harmlessness. Choose the intention that allow you to break free of your own limitations.

Dharma follows Karma till Dharma becomes your karma

Cleanse your kleshas and identify your koshas 🙂

The ultimate goal of a soul is to dissolves in it’s source – Nameless, formless, timeless, spaceless

Begin your journey from you ( only ) to the YOU ( all-inclusive )

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