What are we?

What are we? One and none. Not one in many, but many in one or rather, many in many. We do not exist all by ourself. We exist all together. We are not the center of this universe. We are the universe and each one of us is a center. We are real and ethereal at the same time. Celestial and terrestrial at once. Flesh and spirit in each breath. We are the infinity within a finite space. We are the drop in a ocean and we contain the ocean in each drop. We are both the ocean and the drop. We are the object that we see and the subject that we are. We are the subtle in a gross and the gross that contains the subtle. We exist and coexist and yet aim to not exist. We are all the same inside, and different outside. We are the 1s and the 0s and all the fractions in between. We move from zero to one and one to zero in no time. We are all one and none. Not time, not space, not cause, not effect. We are the dimension that is yet to be seen and yet all around us. We are made from the invisible and how can we be seen? We are…..

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