Intent, not content

Intent is king

It has been three days since I have had my own website. Well, now that own something, how do I reach out to everyone? So, I started searching around for tips to improve the rankings of website on various search engines, I mean Google. I came across terms like Search engine optimisation and Content management services. I watched youtube videos professing “content is king”and that there are various ways to present and index your content – using keywords, meta tags, alt and title tagging of images etc. Yes, that works.

But is that all? ( example of a bucket brigade?? )

What about the intent behind the post? None has talked about the intent behind sharing a post. Isn’t intent more important than the content? 

Why do you share a post? Isn’t everything that we share already out there? Aren’t we all just different mediums to express what is already out there?

We do not own anything in this world. We do not even create anything. Instead, all of us are different forms chosen by  life to express itself through us. That is life’s intent and must be ours too. To not be swayed by the views and clicks. To stay humble and grateful for what life offers us. To share and to connect to everyone till there is no separation betweenyou and   others. Till there are no others and you see yourself in everyone. Till you exists only in the eyes of everyone. Till you do not exist at all. 

Forget the website. Forget the post.

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The Alchemy of Intention

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