An I to an Eye

Life‘s every moment is beautiful. And only made more beautiful in our eyes. Yours in mine and Mine in yours. From being full of I‘s to full of Eyes. Of US. the eyes of Love, for love and with love. Everyone has a journey of their own. And a journey of Love makes it worth living for. And we do not know anymore what we own and what owns us. The owner, the owing and the owned is only One. Not you. Not I. The Infinite. The Love that is both Zero, the nothing and Anantya, the everything. Bowing in deep respect to our Love. Happy to be owned and surrounded by it❤️

It is all in the mind. It is about the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we want to create for ourselves. Our own stories and none else knows. Every story may be correct. And there is one story that is over and above all of them. A story borne out of love. The creator is you. The story is directed by you. The journey is yours. Let the destination be with you all through the journey. The poem and the poet is one and the same. There is nothing that separates them. Because there are one and none. Neither here nor there. It is in US. And outside US. And only one thing remains. US. Not you. Not I. Only Love remains. US remain. Not you. Not I.

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