Make Money to buy Time.

Buy Time to gain Energy.

Gain Energy to Live More…


What is Money?

Money is a way to Trade your goods/services with those who benefit from them.


  • Standardizes/equalized Value
  • Stores Value

Value – Productive Accomplishments, Stored Energy, Skills, Talent

Money represents the best things People can offer each other

a stack of assorted indian rupees
Money is a symbol for Human Productivity and Achievement

Money is not just a piece of paper with pictures of dead people on them.

Money is the value you create for others

Money is the wealth of the human mind

Money is using your unique talents to create value and generate wealth for yourself and others.

Why is it important?

  • Money can positively impact the lives of many people directly through employment or indirectly through the goods/services offered
  • Money, if used wisely, can build connections/networks
  • Money gives you freedom to pursue your hobbies or learn new things
  • Money gives you freedom to take risks and handle failures
  • Money enables you to serve others or support initiatives

What is my belief system about money?

  • Money is the effect, the cause is Value Creation ( work smarter, learn new skills, improve work habits )
  • Money is abundant because there is no end to the value human beings can create
  • There is enough money for all of us
  • Money allows for maximisation of your life
  • Love your contribution. Love your impact. Love the difference you make. Money flows automatically
  • Take care of your relationship with Money. Take care of it. Nurture it. Money grows where it is loved.
  • Money is a tool for spiritual growth rather than material acquisition.
  • Make a difference, not just moneyMichelle Obama

Not all people with money have created value, they may have just inherited it or exploited/cheated others by making them believe they created value without really doing so. Also, not all those create value have all the necessary marketing skills to make money. Earning money is an art-science and is a holistic process that can be learnt and taught.

What is my vision about Money?

  • I have adequate skills in the present and I will develop necessary skills in the future to find solutions to the world’s problems. My net worth and network will grow automatically
  • I am detached to my money and am more attached to the meaningful impact I can create through the valuable service I offer
  • I know exactly how much I need for myself to experience the world to it fullest
  • I know exactly how much I need to serve others ( there are no others only us )
  • I respect the money I earn and I use it for the betterment of myself and those around me
  • I have a clear vision on how much money I need to earn, invest and spend

How do you earn money?

  • Work in the areas you are good at
  • Work in the areas that interest you
  • Work in the areas that the world needs and where you believe you can create the maximum impact

Learn skills continuously to add value to the above three areas.

How much is enough?

The richest is not the one who has the most but the one who needs the least.

Work towards making a difference and money will support you in your quest

Commit to a life of extraordinary value creation & Achieve a life of extraordinary financial success

What is my strategy for a solid financial planing?

  • Think long term. Money takes time to grow
  • Establish a financial discipline to invest wisely every month – at least 10% of your earnings
  • Increase your income more than your expenses
  • Invest in New Skills ( read books, take courses, Listen to podcasts, Attend seminars )
  • Invest in Health and Well-being

Goal: Make Money

Strategy: Create Value for others