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the journey is you. the destination is us.

travel to seek. return to find.

The world is my family

I always believed that each one of us is a world unto oneself. There is no world outside of us. All the people you see around you are part of the world you create andContinue reading

let instinct guide you

Inspired by my adventures across Australia. Kangaroos sumbolize adventure and change. In their movement, they are attuned to life. Always letting life take over and allowing instinct to guide them through their journey. Always groundedContinue reading

yield to the groove

Inspired by my experiences in Kapadokya ( Cappadocia ) during  the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at the historical Carevanserai. As in the dance, the sufi is with the world but also away from the world.  TheContinue reading

hand of man

Inspired by my visit to the sistine chapel. The Creation of Adam fresco is breath-taking. It is worth stopping for a moment to comtemplate how Michelangelo’s genius conceived the birth of humankind.  The weak handContinue reading