14 Lokas

The 14 lokas are the worlds or realms of existence in Hindu cosmology. They are divided into seven higher worlds (Vyahrtis) and seven lower worlds (Patalas). Here is a table with their names, their residents and their symbolic meanings:

LokaResidentsSymbolic Meaning
Satya-Loka1Brahma and liberated souls1Abode of Truth or of Brahma, where atman are released from the necessity of rebirth1. Represents a state of conscious awareness2.
Tapa-Loka2Vairagis and Sanaka sagesThe world of austerity and renunciation
Jana-Loka2Sons of Brahma and other sagesThe world of creation and wisdom
Mahar-Loka2Great Rishis and Ascetics such as Bhrigu Muni and Markendeya2. The world of greatness and virtue. This is the realm of consciousness that can be accessed by the great Rishis2.
Svarga-Loka3Generally translated as heaven, Svarga is identified with the realm of Indra and the devas in contemporary Hinduism. Indra and the devas3The world of heaven and pleasure. The Vedas offer the reward of Svarga as one’s destination for the proper practice of sacrificial rituals on earth3.
Bhuvar-Loka3Siddhas and GandharvasThe world of air and space. The world of artists who are adept at using air and space to create art.
Bhu-Loka3Human beings3 and AnimalsIdentified with the planet Earth, the world of human beings. It is described to be split up into seven regions, referred to as dvipas (islands)3.
Atala-Loka3Bala and his demon followersThe world of sin and deception.
Vitala-Loka3Hataka and his gold-producing followersThe world of power and wealth3.
Sutala-Loka3Bali and his righteous demon followersThe world of generosity and devotion3.
Rasatala-Loka3Danavas or demon sons of DitiThe world of violence and ignorance
Talatala-Loka3Maya and his illusion-producing followersThe world of magic and technology
Mahatala-Loka3Many-headed Nagas or serpentsThe world of envy and anger
Patala-Loka3Vasuki and other serpent kingsThe lowest world of darkness and fear

The higher worlds are known as Vyahrtis and lower worlds as Patalas. The earth is considered the lowest of the seven higher worlds1.

I hope this table helps you to understand the 14 lokas in Hinduism. 😊

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