Why I do What I do? ( My purpose )

  • Think Clearly
  • Age Gracefully
  • Continuous Learning ( Keep Curiosity Alive )
  • Evolve Spiritually
  • Deepen Relationship with myself
  • Deepen Relationship with others
  • Experience Life Fully

All the above so that I can enable and foster

  • Deep inter-Connected human beings
  • Empowered individuals
  • Elevated society

3 Aspects of my work:

  • Wellness
  • Digital Literacy and Proficieny
  • Climate transition

The 7 Types of Needs

1. Nutrient Richness – Having all nutrients to fuel our bodies’ needs.
2. Frequent Movement – Our bodies developed to move all the time.
3. Sound Sleep – Adequate amount, regular and quality sleep.
4. Inner Stillness – Our resilience to stress.
5. Deep Connection – Social connection.
6. Sync with Nature – The physical body is in need of its environment (sunlight, gravity, etc.)
7. Sense of Purpose – People who have a sense of purpose take care of themselves more.

I want to bridge divides and create a more conscious world


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