51 Shakti Peethas

According to the web search results, there are different numbers of Shakti Peethas (seats of power) in Hinduism, depending on the sources and traditions. Some texts mention 51, 52, 64, or 108 Shakti Peethas, which are the places where the body parts or ornaments of Goddess Sati (the first wife of Lord Shiva) fell on earth after she immolated herself in her father’s sacrificial fire. ¹²⁵

The most commonly accepted number is 51, which is based on the Devi Bhagavata Purana. ¹² The 51 Shakti Peethas are scattered across India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet. Each Shakti Peetha is associated with a different form of the Goddess (Shakti) and a different part of her body. They are also revered as sources of divine power and blessings for the devotees. ¹²³

Here is a table of the 51 Shakti Peethas and their locations, body parts, and deities: Name Location Body Part Deity Kamakhya Assam, India Uterus Kamakhya Kalighat West Bengal, India Right Toe Kali Jwalamukhi Himachal Pradesh, India Tongue Jwala Hinglaj Balochistan, Pakistan Brain Hinglaj Kheer Bhawani Jammu and Kashmir, India Right Hand Ragnya Tara Tarini Odisha, India Breasts Tara Bhairav Parvat Madhya Pradesh, India Upper Lip Avanti Shri Parvat Andhra Pradesh, India Anklet Shrisundari Janasthana/Sugandha Bangladesh Nose Ring/Nostril Sunanda Attahas/Phullara West Bengal, India Lower Lip/Chin Phullara Ratnavali/Kireet/Kiriteshwari Temple West Bengal, India Crown Kiriteshwari Nalhati/Bakreshwar West Bengal, India Bone/Brow Vimla/Bakreshwari Ujaani/Fullora West Bengal, India Right Wrist Mangal Chandika Kankalitala West Bengal, India Pelvis/Waist Devgarbha Jayanti/Jessoreswari Bangladesh Left Thigh Jayanti/Jessoreswari Kalipeeth/Trisrota West Bengal, India Right Leg Bhramari/Kalika Yogadya/Karota West Bengal, India Great Toe of Left Leg Yogadya/Karota Virat/Viraja/Kurukshetra Haryana, India Ankle Bone/Left Ankle Savitri/Saraswati Manas/Mansarovar Lake Tibet/India border Right Hand Palm/Right Hand Fingers Dakshayani/Dakshina Kali Nainativu/Nagapooshani Amman Temple Sri Lanka Necklace/Silambu (Anklet) Nagapooshani/Bhuvaneswari

The table continues with more entries. You can find the complete list in the web search results. ³ I hope this answer helps you to learn more about the Shakti Peethas in Hinduism. 😊

Source: Conversation with Bing, 22/10/2023
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