Doing without doing

Paradox by Intellect, Mystery otherwise

The action of no-action

Trying not to try

Efforts –> Effortlessness

Unconscious pursuits

Indirect benefits driven by inner values developed over time

rowing against versus sailing along

Imposing your will and/or Surrender to your true nature

Individual choice versus Collective Chance

Acceptance of the present versus Resistance to the past/future

Spectrum and Black/White

Bees and flowers; Humans and Nature; the everlasting interdependence

Is your mind controlling the breath or vice versa? Or is there a harmony, a middle ground where mind and breath do/not-do.

For example: Sincerity is an effortless action. If you are not sincere, people can tell.

Your inside feelings must flow with your outside experiences. The interaction and the ultimate surrender.

Taoism emphasises living in harmony with the Tao (a word for ‘way’ or ‘route’). This is known as ‘Wu Wei’ and it is the alignment with the rhythms of the elements both within and outside our bodies. It is a kind of ebb and flow, an effortless surrender to the natural cycles of the world.

The Principle Of Wu Wei And How It Can Improve Your Life


He stands upon what is fathomless and walks where no path exists.

The Master achieves success,

yet he never does a thing.

His example penetrates the whole world,

yet no one depends upon him.

People don’t see him as a leader

since he lets them find their own way.

He stands upon what is fathomless

and walks where no path exists.

Chuang-tzu, 7 from The Second Book of the Tao S.Mitchell

No path…

Ponder this.


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