Live, Love, Laugh each moment and you will get better at exploring the beauty in this world and inside you. Live every moment with gratitude and make it a habit. Love everyone with humility andContinue reading


Each one losing themselves into one another and becoming a grander whole. A self that is more complete when together. A self that does not have an isolated identity but excels in the joy ofContinue reading


By Alain De Botton on “Emotional Education” What seemed a convincing call to action at 8 a.m. will be nothing more than a dim recollection by midday and an indecipherable contrail in our cloudy minds by evening.Continue reading


The only constant. The only rhythm of life. Listen to the tune. Dance and move to it. Embrace it wholly. Live it aloud. Walk with curiosity. Smile wholeheartedly. Everything you do changes you. In oneContinue reading

Rise against

If love is a labour I’ll slave till the end – Rise Against


Transience of everything Nothing lasts forever Beauty in imperfections Cracks in the old teacup Handprints on your wallet Perfect the imperfect Embrace uncertainty Accept the way you are Celebrate life as it is Cherish theContinue reading

Chaos is the Order

How do you deal with Chaos? By being one yourself. Life is never a straight line. And it can never be. Our minds never operate so. Our minds connect dots. And each one connects differently.Continue reading

Let love blossom

Let your love blossom like a flower. Let your love dance to the wind. Let your love sing in the rain. Let your love color the path. Let your love nourish your whole. Let yourContinue reading


Probiers mal mit Gem├╝tlichkeit. Cozying up to life Vanity of human endeavour Glory of God Beauty in simplicity Bliss in leisure Active stillness Good cheer Peace of mind German biergarten Fireplace reading Autumn ­čŹé LeavesContinue reading

The golden mean

Wordly and Saintly Luxury and Self-denial Sense indulgence and Self Mortification Spiritual and Material Excess and Deficiency Look beyond the absolutes Live beyond the opposites Life is One and Oneness Life is this and thatContinue reading