Month: October 2022

To forgive, Human

Self-Forgiveness Forgiveness is incomplete if it does not include yourself.


The Indian Sword THE Anatomy of the INDIAN TULWAR SWORD

Peaceful warrior Morning Routine

Inspired from Mindvalley Holobody coaching Shaking ( Fascia and Qi Gong ) Drumming ( Tapping ) SuryaNamaskar ( 3 to 5 times ) Spine twists ( All 6 degrees) Chakrasana ( bend, don’t break )Continue reading

Why I do What I do? ( My purpose )

Think Clearly Age Gracefully Experience Life Fully Continuous Learning ( Keep Curiosity Alive ) Evolve Spiritually Deepen Relationship with myself Deepen Relationship with others All the above so that I can enable and foster DeepContinue reading

Making life from Light

Photosynthesis is nature’s way of making life from light. Chlorophyll allows a tree to capture photons, extracting a portion of their energy to make the sugars that make it a tree — the raw materialContinue reading

Varaha Avatara

Inspired by ”Varaha Roopam daiva Vareetam“ song from the movie “Kantara” Amazed by the Climax scene and Rishab Shetty’s performance and Vishnu’s Varaha Avatara Portrayal in Bhoota Kola Dance.

Bali Bhraman

Om Swastyastu Day 1: Ubud Tour 1. Batik Shop 2. Silver Making Workshop Experience the making of Silver ornaments from the start to finish. Silver from Borneo is mixed with Copper using Piling Piling rosaryContinue reading